Collector Interview: Paul Ritter

Posted on April 24 2018

Paul Ritter is a client from NYC who has been collecting records for over 40 years. Paul's collection is one of our favorites to date, primarily because his collection is housed in the heart of his home, where it can be enjoyed and played all day, every day!

Paul has in his own words, "pretty much every Koeppel Design product", including custom dividers and genre dividers, A-Z engraved dividers, the LP Block and more!

Brief intro:
I am a freelance creative director (formerly of magazines and record label), guitar player, painter, spaghetti eater... check out his Instagram

Size of your collection:
Somewhere in the 2400-2600s

How do you organize your collection?
ok so: in alphabetical sections by last name or band name (D is for bob Dylan and Depeche Mode); then chronologically within each section (Dylan before Depeche Mode) and chronologically within each artist (Speak & Spell before Violator). Then there are several sub-genres, Disco, Cuba/Latin, Soundtracks, Africa, Electronica, Jazz etc

Give us a breakdown of your collection: how much is used vs how much is new? *
maybe 50/50? or 60/40 new/old?

Favorite or biggest music genre in your collection: 
no favorites; biggest is pop/rock/funk/new wave/folk/blues, just because I keep them together

Current top 3 albums:
gonna cheat:

Bowie's A New Career In A New Town box set

Johnny Cash American Recording I-VI box set

Vanity 6 (1982)

What album do you think every new vinyl collector should own?
London Calling (The Clash). Really the only record anyone needs.

Best party album: 
A Warm Shade Of Ivory (Henry Mancini 1969)

Best album to listen to when you’ve had a rough week:
Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Cole Porter Songbook, Buena Vista Social Club, or Vincent Gallo's When

Last record you purchased:
Elastica (reedition)

How long have you been collecting records? How did you get into it?
In 1977 my pediatric shrink (long story) offered to buy me whatever I wanted at the local Woolworth's as an 'end of therapy' gift: I picked KISS' Destroyer and never looked back.

Where does your vinyl collection live in your home? How often do you listen to vinyl?
all around my living room. everyday.

What is more important to you? Sound quality or building your music collection?
Mostly records: I'm not a crazy phono guy, but I do like nice NOS tubes in my preamp... I tried building my own preamp from a Japanese kit and failed; only one channel works! :( 

Where do you hunt for vinyl?
Earwax Records, Co-op 87 Records, Rough Trade... all in Brooklyn NY