Holiday order deadline for custom orders

Posted on November 06 2017

It is already November, and we're speeding steadily towards the holiday season. As we approach the holidays our production queue in the studio gets very busy keeping up with holiday orders. To help plan your holiday orders, please note that all custom orders must be placed by Sunday, November 26th.

We offer custom sets of all sizes, but a popular choice for holiday gift-giving is a single custom panel. For collections organized by artist, label, year or sub-genre, a customized panel can help create a smoother easier system of organization. Design your own wood record divider to organize and protect your vinyl records. We can also make custom sets of any size or panel quantity. For more information about order multiple custom panels, check out our custom order page here.

For collections organized with our stencil style of dividers, we make customizable stencil dividers for $33 each. Stencil dividers have cut out lettering, with space for 13 characters and match all of our stencil style dividers, including LP, 45s and CD dividers, as well as our Now Spinning LP Block

For collections organized with our engraved record dividers, we make customizable engraved dividers for $37 each. Our engraved dividers have a long tab to accommodate up to 13 characters, and are engraved on the front and back so they can be used vertically or horizontally. 

To place a custom order before the holidays, all custom orders must be confirmed and paid for by Sunday, November 26th at 12 PM PST. All orders placed by November 26th will ship out before the holidays. Custom ordering will resume again after the holidays on January 15, 2018.